6 Things Innovative Search Engine Marketers are Doing Right Now

08/04/2015 by

As search engine optimization changes, so do the practitioners of the trade. A few years ago, your average search expert (let’s call them SEOs) could be found creating hundreds of devil-may-care backlinks, stuffing a page with keywords or spinning content for dozens of pages.

SEOs today are more sophisticated. They are curating link profiles, kneading keywords into title tags, and creating a sitemap that is perfect for crawlers.

Meanwhile, there is a breed of SEO that is doing all this and more. These are the SEOs who are pioneering the sites that will dominate the search engine results pages (SERPs) of today and tomorrow.

With one eye on the future, here’s what today’s most innovative SEOs are doing:

1. Implementing ‘schema’ markup everywhere.

Innovative SEOs know that schema markup is the next wave of search innovation -- in which it makes your search listings more visual, so it stands out, which increases your click through rate. Google is constantly trying to refine search results for the good of the end user. Schema, with its powerful Knowledge Graph application, is a sweet spot for SEO application.

It’s no secret that Google favors schema markup. A Searchmetrics study in the spring of 2014 revealed that 0.3 percent of domains use schema markup.

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