Accountability and the Effectiveness of working with others

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Achieving goals on your own might be a large accomplishment. However, generally, it needs motivation from others so as to succeed. Sharing your progress and being held responsible has shown to be an effective strategy towards accomplishing goals. This is often very true when it involves passing a test. In order to pass a test, it's clear you need to prepare and dedicate time to study. The NBCOT® test is comprehensive. It needs the ability to apply your knowledge and clinical decision making across many practice areas. This test needs weeks or even months to prepare so as to pass and be eligible to become a licensed and registered occupational therapist.


Due to the complexity of the NBCOT® test, several graduates seek out other people to help them understand the material more clearly. Learning with a partner or in a group has many advantages. A partner will help you keep accountable for learning and prevent procrastination. Studying for the NBCOT® examination involves extended time, commitment and concentration. With an accountability partner, you'll be able to work together to set daily or weekly goals and check up on one another. If one of you begins to lose motivation, the opposite will help push you to stay committed. One of the keys to passing this exam is to keep up focus. Therefore, using accountability as a study strategy creates motivation and helps to remain on the right track.


While some individuals could prefer to study with a group or partner learning for a similar examination, some prefer to use a lecturer. Studies have shown that working with a teacher has proven to increase exam results. Tutors hold you accountable for keeping up along with your readings whereas guiding and supporting you throughout the study process. They're available to teach you study skills and help you understand concepts you may have problem learning on your own. Tutors specifically for the NBCOT® have the information and experience to assist you to pass this test. They're going to work one-on-one with you to make sure you understand the material and may apply it to practice.


You may be wondering how hiring a tutor for the NBCOT® exam could be so effective. If this is the case, let me explain. Tutors are unlike your professors in college who teach to several students at once. Although teachers may be wonderful resources, they do not always have the time to work with you as much as you need. Tutors, on the other hand, work 1:1 with you and make learning personalized. Studying on your own can be challenging. Tutors are skilled to acknowledge your problem areas and come up with effective solutions so you can better comprehend key information. Successful tutors have relevant experience and have the ability to apply real-life scenarios. This often helps the student to engage more fully and therefore achieve greater outcomes.


Applicants for the NBCOT® exam who hire a tutor have high success rates. offers 1:1 tutor sessions along with group tutoring sessions if you prefer studying with the partner. On a tutoring call, you will have the opportunity to speak with our professionally trained tutors to help meet your individual needs. Our tutoring calls are client-centered based. We will address areas in occupational therapy you may be having difficulty understanding and provide you with the proper tools you need to successfully pass the NBCOT® exam.


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