Burlington County No Longer Deadliest for Drivers in NJ

01/23/2018 by


Burlington County, once New Jerseys’ deadliest county for traffic deaths, has shed its most infamous distinction. It finished in second place, behind Ocean County, for traffic deaths in 2017.

Burlington County’s death toll on the roads comes as no surprise. It is the largest county in New Jersey, and to stack the odds even further, it also has the most miles of road.

Most traffic fatalities in Burlington County (49 fatalities on 47 accidents) occurred on interstate 295, Route 73, and Route 130. Route 130 is especially deadly because of the high number of pedestrians – a fact that the New Jersey legislature has paid close attention to in 2018.

“The high number of pedestrian fatalities last year is certainly indicative of poor infrastructure and signage,” said Jeffrey Reiff, a Philadelphia car accident attorney. “When pedestrians are injured or killed because of poorly marked roads, the state could be at risk of litigation.”

Members of the Burlington assembly have debated over the past year the efficacy of reducing speed limits. Some, like Assemblyman Troy Singleton, are pushing for townships to have the right to reduce speeds arbitrarily near schools.

Others, like Declan O’Scanlon, worry that dramatic speed decreases could lead to an excess of speed traps without protecting pedestrians.