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Welcome to Cell Phone Repair Solutions in Calgary, AB.

We have dedicated ourselves to the revivals, repairs, and replacement of mobile devices. We offer a wide array of services that will have any customers satisfied and taken care off! There is nothing but quality assure and expert advice to get your gadgets to their optimal state. Most clients requesting services from us are looking for repairs for their software or hardware. You can trust in our to use the best original parts on your device. The mobile phone and tablet industry have become so giant and important in our day to day lives, that we can not help but ignore fixing the issues that may come along the way. This trend of growth is only heading upwards, and we must admit, that we are more in demand than every before and are the most professional repairs service, you will find in all of Calgary.

We go through a diagnostics process before working on any customers products, because we want to know the full 360 view of what could be going on. Though some services are pretty straight forward like screen repairs, we have to see if the impact that the device took damaged anything else. If we don't do this, you might think that we incurred some damage while repairing another component. See we can't have that going on so we'll have all ends covered. Diagnostic procedures are free, and we don't charge you anything until we complete work for you. You will find a super elite and dedicated repairs team over at Cell Phone Repair Solutions. Customers come first, and you will feel this in our approach we take. You are not leaving our doors until you are completely satisfied! Cell phone providers and manufacturers usually offer a one year warranty on many of their products, but did you know it could take months before they hold on their end of the bargain? Also, they may not accept your warranty if the mobile device was broken under conditions that don't suit their liability clause. Yes, you have been swindled by their super long contracts and flashy promo. We take all your issues you are having and make it brand new!