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Jose Alvaro have just posted a review about SWIPE4FREE

Review | 11/09/2017 07:31

With the new zero fee processing we have from Swipe 4 Free we have seen an increase in our profit margin in two areas, The first is with the zero fee merchant account and the other is with the smaller sales that we had to turn down in the past if the customer did not have cash, This has been a blessing for our business.

brian nilson have just posted a review about SWIPE4FREE

Review | 07/09/2017 07:29

My husband and I own a restaurant and between the increases in food costs, as well as the recent minimum wage hike our cost was eating away our profit. Thanks to Swipe4Free’s no fee processing, we were able save enough money on processing to cover the increased costs!


Are you looking for a way to save money for your business? Our no fee credit cards processing is a great option. Many businesses end up paying thousands of dollars per year to cover the costs of accepting credit cards and debit cards. In today’s modern economy, it would be impossible to stay in business if you don’t accept these payment methods so you may think that this is just one of those costs of business you have to absorb. The fact is, however, that there are alternatives to consider!
Swipe 4 Free offers no fee credit card processing for all sorts of businesses. This means when you charge a customer $100 and they pay with a credit card, you’ll actually receive the full $100! This is possible because rather than charging the merchant for the costs of the credit card processing service, we simply add a small 4% fee to each transaction. This is paid for by the customers rather than by the merchants. We’ve found that customers rarely have a problem covering this cost, and those who do typically just choose to pay in cash rather than use their card, which is also beneficial to your company.