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14 Times People Should Have Checked Their Background Before Taking Their Selfies

What does it require to be a selfie expert? Well, I wouldn’t know since most of my pictures end up in the trash. However, Instagram models have mastered the art and make a living off selfies taken in precarious positions. However, it is not all about how you look. A perfect selfie is also about how you present yourself, what clothes you’re wearing and ofcourse your background. It may not seem like such an important thing as many people take selfies in the bathroom but no one wants to take a picture when something weird is in the shot right? Apparently, the following people didn’t get the memo and were careless enough to not pay attention to their surroundings which ended up with them having a nude person in shot or themself pooping. And they clearly didn’t check it before posting or they would have never done it. After all, the Internet is a cruel place and even after you delete something from it, there is bound to be copies of your content somewhere. So that is why we have some poor souls who didn’t think before posting the following pictures. You can take a look for yourself by scrolling below.

#1 The little spider just wanted a friend.

#2 The dog is clearly tired of her antics and is showing his displeasure.

#3 I don’t see anything wrong with this one. I mean the mother is proud of her son.

#4 The dog probably wanted to take a poop in peace but hoomans always ruin everything.

#5 At least he realized what was happening and hid his most private parts for the picture.

#6 The doggo just wants to show off his new twerking technique. The girls are harshing his mellow.

#7 Why take a picture when you are using the bathroom? Doesn’t seem like the right time to me.

There are some rules when it comes to selfies that everyone should abide by. Always check for an extra mirror before taking a picture. Check that your glasses aren’t showing anything weird. And also never ever take a picture in the bathroom even if the light in there is great. It never ends well and I speak from expierence. Keep these tidbits in mind and everything will turn out okay.

#8 She got three selfie pictures in one. What more could she ever want?

#9 She just needed an excuse to post a cute selfie. Who knew she would get caught?

#10 This is why one should always take their glasses off before taking a picture.

#11 The cop was not thrilled with the two guys taking his picture.

#12 Are we sure they aren’t long lost relatives?

#13 Nobody needs to know what one does in their personal time but she wasn’t aware of that.

#14 Honestly, I take this as a selfie win and there is nothing wrong with the Father photobombing this picture.

Have you ever taken a picture when something unintended was in the background? Let us know down in the comments below. DOn’t worry, we will keep your secret.

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